This Star Hero Loves Simplicity!

Sun Nov 17 2019 15:47:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Thala Ajithkumar has asked his fans to not indulge in abuses or even in theatrical celebrations. He asks them to concentrate on their lives and watch his films as much as they can and leave it there.

He even disowned fan associations to state the seriousness in his words. He keeps track of everything around him and even though he likes to drive luxury cars, bikes and have interests in participating in shooting events and so, he remains very casual about them.

Vijay also started to take similar steps but he has political affiliation and that has resulted him in not taking any extreme steps towards his fans. He has strict policy of no luxurious hungama during his birthday and encourages fans to do social welfare works.

Now, Kannada Star Hero Sudeep joined them and he confessed that he used to like luxurious lifestyle and expensive expenditure to celebrate his success before.

But these days, he has developed detachment towards luxury and wears Rs.200 or Rs.300 value T-SHIRTS regularly, it seems.

He asked his fans to do welfare activities and not to arrange any big celebrations that will only waste the money & food.

He saw at such a fan party one young girl who lives on the street, trying to eat cake from the floor and his mindset slowly changed from then, he stated.

Well, simplicity seems to be the new norm for the stars to maintain in the public eye while eccentrics are being trolled harshly on social media.