Sukumar's 'Baahubali' With Bunny

Thu Jun 06 2019 16:55:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sukumar is the most disappointed director in Tollywood in recent times. Even after making a blockbuster, Sukumar is living with no work. Though some of the insiders say that it is all his fault for not be able to do a project now, Sukumar has some other plans. It is true that he lost a project with Mahesh Babu and another one with Allu Arjun got delayed.

But, the interesting buzz is that Sukumar is planning a Baahubali with Bunny. We mean that the project that Sukumar wants to do with Bunny is expected to come out in two parts just like Baahubali.

Touted to be a social drama with thrilling elements, the film is expected to run around the Red Sandal smuggling. After intense research and script work, Sukumar found that his story has a bigger span. He then decided to make it into two parts and kept the proposal in front of Bunny.

Sukumar actually wanted to make it as a web series but called off the plan due to several reasons. Bunny is yet to take a final call on the same.