Sukumar: The Real Guruji In Tollywood!

Thu Mar 23 2023 20:52:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

People usually refer to Trivikram as 'Guruji' in Tollywood and praise Rajamouli as the best in business. But these two star directors are far behind Sukumar in one aspect. The 'Pushpa' director has the unique ability to churn out fresh breed of directors. He turned his assistants into directors and most of them are becoming successful. It looks like Sukumar's prodigies are in full demand right now. Starting with Srikanth Odela to Karthik Dandu, the directors who worked under Sukumar are attracting a lot of producers.

Srikanth Odela is making his mark already in Tollywood before the release of his first film 'Dasara'. Even Nani is reportedly giving good feedback about the young director and claiming that he is the next big thing in Tollywood. We all know Palnati Surya Pratap who made successful films like 'Kumari 21F' and '18 Pages'.

We all know about director Buchi Babu Sana who made a stellar debut with 'Uppena' which collected more than 100 crores. Now, this young director is all set to work with Ram Charan. The official announcement has been made and working with a pan-Indian hero on his second directorial explains the demand he has in Tollywood.

Apart from these two, Karthik Dandu who is currently making his first film 'Virupaksha' under the SVCC banner is also getting a lot of offers. Sai Dharam Tej is the hero in this movie and Sukumar is co-producing it. The teaser raised the expectations on this mystery thriller.

As Sukumar is a teacher before entering the film industry, he seems to have continued his teaching skills here too. He is making sure that his assistants are well prepared and is also giving them chances under his own banner. Looks like he is worthy of the tag 'Guruji' more than any other star director in recent times.