Sukumar giving a big twist in Pushpa 2

Mon Jan 24 2022 20:55:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Sukumar is said to be astounded by the response for the first installment of the Pushpa duology - Pushpa: The Rise. He is currently focused on the second part, which will be commencing the shoot very soon.

Now, an interesting update pertaining to Pushpa 2 is catching everyone's attention and it sure does sound interesting.

As per reports, there will be one major twist in Pushpa 2 that will blow away the minds of the viewers. Apparently, this twist in the plot and the narrative will form the crux of Pushpa 2.

Apparently, Keshava character, which was well established in the first part will be backstabbing Pushpa Raj in the second part. That is the reason why the voice over is being narrated from his point of view rather than Pushpa's.

Also, it is heard that the confrontations between Pushpa and the lead antagonists will be on a whole new level in the second part of the franchise.

It is heard that Sukumar is currently penning the script for the second part as he wishes to design a spellbinding twist in the tale and narrative for Pushpa 2. He is acting accordingly.

There are reports that Pushpa 2 will be on a much bigger scale than the first part.