Sumanth's Publicity Stunt About Remarriage

Thu Jul 29 2021 23:04:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

A couple of days ago, there were reports that Sumanth Akkineni would be getting remarried. It was said that Sumanth will be marrying a lady named Pavithra a snap of the wedding card featuring the names of Sumanth and Pavithra surfaced on the Internet. But the whole development is a publicity stunt pertaining to Sumanth's next film which will be announced very soon.

To start with, Ram Gopal Varma reacted to rumors about Sumanth's remarriage yesterday. "Oka saari ayyaka kooda neekinkaa buddhi raaledha⁦ @iSumanth⁩ ? Nee kharma , aa pavitra kharma  Anubhavinchandi. Oka pelle noorella penta ayithe, rendo pellentayya Swami ⁦? ⁩ Naa maata vini maneyyi ..Pavitra gaaru, mee jeevithaalani paadu chesukokandi..Thappu meedhi
@iSumanth dhi kaadhu ..Thappu aa dhaurbhagyapu vyavasthadi," he tweeted. These tweets went viral and the news about Sumanth's marriage caught the attention of everyone.

However, Sumanth has put a lid on these speculations by releasing a video. In the video, Sumanths says, "The whole development is a misunderstanding. I am not getting remarried. But coincidentally, my next film is about the concept of divorce and remarriage. The wedding card with my name and that of Pavithra's is a set prop. I think it got leaked from the sets of our film. I will be revealing more details about the film in the next few days," he said.

"ust clearing the air, for those who are interested, and for dear @RGVzoomin who has such immense concern for me," Sumanth tweeted. He seems to have deceived Ram Gopal Varma with the fake rumor that went viral on social media platforms. In the end, all the rumors about Sumanth's marriage is a publicity stunt that is propelled by the makers of his upcoming film. This surely is one effective way of gaining publicity from a realistic incident.

Coming back to Sumanth, he seems to be content with staying single for the time being and he has no intention of entering the wedlock again, or at least in the near future. He recently wrapped up shooting for Anaganag O Rowdy, an action thriller in which he plays a crooked and hot-headed gangster.