Sunil's Role In 'Pushpa' Becomes A Big Hit But For Other Reasons!

Sat Jan 15 2022 18:43:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Star comedian turned hero turned character artist Sunil is doing some interesting roles lately. Once known for his hilarious comedy timing, Sunil is trying his luck with villain roles now. He did negative roles in movies like 'Disco Raja' and 'Color Photo'. He pinned a lot of hopes on his role in Allu Arjun's blockbuster movie 'Pushpa'.

Prior to the release of 'Pushpa', Sunil gave many interviews and even said in public events that his character is going to scare everyone. The audience expected his role to be menacing and send shivers down the spine. While his character got off to a great start at the beginning, it turned stale as the film went on and even became a bit comedic towards the end. His role left a lot to be desired and though the makers claim that his role will be strong in the second part, we need to see how it turns out.

Nonetheless, his role is becoming viral on social media. His face is all over the internet as there are a lot of memes being made out of a scene with Sunil in 'Pushpa'. There is a scene where he says, "MP gaaru..Maa Bammaridhi body isthe, maa intiki teeskupotha". It was quite hilarious in the movie and people are making a lot of memes with it. Looks like Sunil became famous with 'Pushpa' but not in the way he expected.