Sunny Leone Shares Smiles On Twitter

Mon Mar 30 2020 18:44:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sunny Leone the erotic star of the nation is now spreading smiles on Twitter. She posted a tweet saying Indian Govt. has taken her T-shirt seriously. We mean the words on her T-shirt which says 'Back To The 90's'. In her tweet she mentioned the return of Ramayan, Shaktiman and Mahabharath on DoorDarshan. The shows of the 90's that made a huge impact those days are back on a re-telecast in this nation lockdown period.

In this hour crisis, Social Media appreciates people who share light laughter in a way to spread smiles. In this way the anxiety is decreased and people behave normally without going into the tension mood. Twitterati has been a fan of Sunny's pictures so far which makes them feel sultry but the latest tweet added smiles on all faces!

Sunny Leone is a lone survivor and achiever in Bollywood who made her name by herself. She is highly regarded for her off the cinema gestures on social media. To make her fans happy she is daily posting few sultry pictures of her.