Superstar Director Spends 15 Lakhs Per Month On Self Promotion!

Sat Dec 03 2022 20:56:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

He is currently the biggest director in India. Hailing from South India, he has made the entire Indian audience his fans. Every hero waits for years to work under his direction. He is known for taking a lot of time in pre-production and spends years carving a film. Due to his craving for perfection, he delivers record-shattering hits and his last outing turned out to be a huge sensation as well.

He doesn't need any publicity and many small films long for a single tweet from the director about their work as it gives them immense publicity. Even big heroes wait for his appreciation and feel ecstatic when he tweets about them. Such a big director is now spending around 15 lakhs per month for his own promotion. This piece of information has stunned everyone in the film industry and sources claim that he had an agreement with a well known digital promotion organisation from Mumbai. He reportedly asked them to promote him on Instagram and other social media platforms.

He is already a man with immense craze and people are failing to understand why he needs such big promotions for himself. A lot of meme pages who has millions of followers are already promoting him. Experts say that he has a big reason behind it. Apart from being a great director, he is a good businessman as well and many say that all these promotions will be beneficial for his upcoming project. If he promotes himself with 15 lakhs per month, he could earn crores through the pre-release business in the international market. Only he knows the reason behind these promotions.