Superstar Krishna's Biopic: The Debate Starts!

Thu Nov 17 2022 16:15:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Whenever a legendary actor or a popular public figure passes away, a section of the public on the internet suggests that a biopic should be made on them. This is getting out of hand as biopics are not turning out to be as successful as people hoped. Also, lacking proper story and information will lead to mediocre biopics which are in abundance nowadays.

As it is known, superstar Krishna passed away on Tuesday and the entire media focus shifted toward it. The debate over making a biopic on Krishna started instantly and people are already suggesting that his son Mahesh Babu should play the title role. This is not the discussion one should have when a person dies but this is how people are nowadays.

Krishna's life story cannot be limited to a single movie since it has a lot of stages. Starting from his entry into the industry, it needs to cover a lot of issues like his rise to star hero status, being a visionary filmmaker by bringing a lot of the latest technologies of that time, his downfall, rising from the bottom again, his personal life, political career, love and second marriage to Vijayanirmala.

Many claim that a two-part movie or a 5-6 part web series needs to be made on such an influential personality in Telugu cinema. But it is very important to showcase all aspects of life in a biopic rather than shedding light only on the good. Knowing Mahesh Babu, the biopic of Krishna may not happen any time soon.

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