Surekha Vani Plans A Surprise For Her Daughter!

Sat Aug 08 2020 18:50:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Apart from heroines, a few character actresses too gain good craze in social media. Actress Sureka Vani is one among them as she is very active on the digital medium and posts dances videos and colorful photos along with her daughter Supritha.

This mother and daughter duo share a close relationship and it reflects in their photos and videos. They go on vacations and holidays together. During the time when TikTok was popular, Sureka Vani and her daughter did a lot of dance videos which surprised and at times shocked the netizens.

While there is an argument which says that Surekha and her daughter took the glamour route on social media in order to get popularity before the launch of Suprita in Tollywood, Surekha denied it. She said that she is not interested in launching her daughter but will not deny her daughter's wish if she insists on film debut. Recently, Surekha gave a cute and beautiful gift for her daughter on her birthday.

Surekha decorated her daughter's room completely and closed the eyes of her daughter and took her into the room. When Supritha opened her eyes, the room was beautifully decorated and there was a small puppy in front of her. The young girl was so happy and the video is very endearing.