Suresh Babu Comes Up With Some Inventive Ideas For New Tollywod!

Mon Jul 19 2021 12:19:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

The filmy world keen on changing. Rather than changing, we need to call it updating as it betters itself and exploring many uncharted shores. No one would’ve thought that people will be watching movies in their smartphones by skipping theatrical releases till a few years back. Now, OTT platforms are bringing original content which is directly released through their streaming sites. People who change according to the trend stay at the top always and no one knows it better than veteran producer Suresh Babu.

His production venture 'Narappa' is getting released on Amazon Prime Video this 20th July. Apart from that, he is funding many small films with interesting concepts. The advent of new technology has influenced the entertainment field heavily. People are not relying on convincing the bigshot producers or actors to showcase their talent anymore. They are uploading their content directly on their websites or Youtube channels. We've seen many new-age directors coming from the internet space and making a name for themselves in Tollywood recently.

News is that Suresh Babu is making sketches to build mini studios across Telugu states. It encourages the aspiring filmmakers and is also very good business. News is that such mini studios will be launched in Amaravathi, Vizag, Tirupati and others. As we know, Suresh Babu already owns studios in Vizag and Hyderabad already and he is reportedly making moves to expand his business.

These mini studios are going to have shooting floors and as well as a setup to do dubbing and record songs. Sources say that they will be made ready in the next three months and the prices will be affordable to everyone. As it is known, he even floated his own music label and may start to release the music of his films in his own label. The lyrical songs and video songs are generating a lot of revenue. Seems like Suresh Babu is going by the trend and keeping himself and his company ticking with modern ideas.

Apart from producing his brother Victory Venkatesh's 'Narappa', Suresh Babu is also the co-producer for his son Rana Daggubati's upcoming film 'Virataparvam' which is directed by Venu Udugula. Apart from these two, they are producing some small films and acting as presenters for some others. There was news a couple of months back that he is producing some original content after signing a deal with Netflix. It wasn't officially confirmed till date.