Sushant Felt Threatened After His Manager's Demise

Sat Aug 01 2020 20:43:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The suspense and real reasons behind the death of Bollywood young talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput are slowly revealing after these many days of his demise. Many of the fans are in shock and disbelief. They are shocked hearing the news as he has a good career so far!
It is evident that the actor Sushant has died by suicide and the reasons cited by Mumbai Police said that they have found prescriptions of clinical depression and are still waiting for the postmortem to find the actual reasons behind the actor's death.

As Mumbai Police continue their investigation, new stories are popping up. The latest we hear is the death of Sushant's talent pool manager Disha Salian's death that created impact on Sushant and he even recorded his statement with police said Smitha Pariq, aclose friend of Sushant in  TV Interview. She said that he was in a state of anxiety over her death and felt that they would also finish him like her. He even planned to quit Bollywood and settle in Kerala by doing farming said his family members. Sushant's close ones say that it might be the cross questioning that hurt the star badly and he has stopped the depression medication and succumbed to suicide says the psychiatrists of the star in their statement.

Finally the Mumbai Police are trying to conclude the case but so many loop holes are just popping up and thus the CBI Transfer demands are on the rise!