TRS Bagged The Election With Best Possible Vote Share!

Wed Dec 12 2018 16:22:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Landslide victories have been common in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka where one factor or one alliance could draw an emotional response from people to make them vote in abundance to one person.

We saw Jayalalitha winning elections with 40% vote share and even DMK in Tamil Nadu getting 38 to 42% vote share at times.

In Telugu states, 36 to 38% vote share is seen as the highest in deciding the winner and anything above 39% and close to 40% is seen as a landslide.

Here, TRS scored a whopping 46.8% vote share improving from 34% last time. Not just the number of seats but number of votes, 97 lakhs are also highest for any party in Telugu states.

Out 2.3 crore registered voters 77% voted and it is 3% higher than the 2014 elections. Congress improved by 4% in vote share but only won 19 seats with 28.4% vote share.

TDP did excessive campaign but won only 3.5% votes and one seat coming down from 14% vote share and 15 seats. BJP remained same in vote share with 7% but only won 1 seat coming down from 5.

Majilis showed a decline in vote share but won in 7 seats. All others did not show any growth but significant amount of votes have gone to NOTA, as well.