In Talk: Tamanna Troubling Tamanna!

Tue Aug 06 2019 10:55:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamanna Simhadri made Wild Card entry into Bigg Boss 3 House. The behaviour of this Transgender hasn't gone down well with not only rest of the housemates but also Netizens. Since the past 8 days, Netizens have been venting out their anguish on her by tagging the Twitter handle of Actress Tamanna Bhatia. Some of them have been doing it deliberately, Others were indulging in such activities without knowing whom they were actually targeting. This situation became a big headache for Actress Tamanna. The timeline of Tamanna's handle is getting filled with hate messages and so much of negativity.

Situation is only going to get worse in this Week with Tamanna Simhadri pledging to make Ravi Krishna pay the price for nominating her. In the Monday's episode itself, She resorted to personal attack on the Co-Contestant and didn't regret doing so inspite of objection raised by rest of the Housemates.

As long as Tamanna Simhadri stays in the Bigg Boss House, Troubles for Tamanna Bhatia might continue. Trolling gonna be severe until this Sunday which could also be the last day for the Transgender in the House. Although Vithika Sheru, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul Sipliganz and Punarnavi were nominated, They could feel safe from eviction because of the unbearable behaviour of Tamanna Simhadri. Will Bigg Boss surprise everyone with two eliminations in the Week 3?