Tamil Actress Suggests To Watch Contagion

Sat Mar 28 2020 18:52:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The World is now suffering from the Corona Virus. We are daily listening to the words like Corona, Quarantine, Isolation many times. Interestingly, the movie 'Contagion' is made on this Virus concept in 2011. This movie is will show the exact situations which we are fighting right now. We can hear the same words in this movie too.

Even though the movie is released 9 years ago, none have shown their interest in it. But after the Corona outbreak, the situations in real life matches with the content in the movie.

Now, Tamil actress Vara Lakshmi has mentioned about this movie in the social media. She advised everyone to watch this movie to know how fast the virus spreads among people. She appealed all the people to stay in their houses safely to stop the overspread of this Virus.