Tamil Arjun Reddy Becomes Aditya Varma!

Tue Feb 19 2019 22:28:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Arjun Reddy become a huge hit in Telugu Cinema and it even won cult status in Tamil Nadu too. Vijay Devarakonda won the hearts of the youth of Tamil and Telugu audiences, mostly girls.

Dhruv Vikram got the opportunity to work in the remake as Chiyaan Vikram felt it is the best opportunity to launch his son as an actor.

But director Bala wanted to re-imagine the movie and did his version of the story. Producers E4 Entertainment and fans of the movie did not like his version.

They scrapped the movie, Varma and decided to revamp the cast n' crew except for Dhruv. The movie is now titled, Aditya Varma.

Girisayya is the director of the movie, who worked for the original as assistant and he will try to just follow the original beats, it seems. Radhan is confirmed as music director and Ravi K. Chandran will handle camera. Movie will release in June or July.