Tamil Director Celebrating Saaho Failure!

Wed Sep 04 2019 11:30:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Saaho is a failure in terms of the making, execution and impressing the audiences on the first day. The critics also showered the negative reviews on the movie. It is okay for the audiences to mock and troll the film but somehow the filmmakers feel that fellow filmmakers should not mock when someone delivered a flop. But now, popular Tamil director Venkat Prabhu seems to be happy with the failure of Saaho and he indirectly mocked the movie now.

Encouraging his friend Vaibhav's film at the box-office, Venkat Prabhu posted, "After seeing ALL da online reviews!! It looks like a #sixer weekend in Tamil Nadu!!! My #SAHOdharan @actor_vaibhav ku vaazhthukal!!!" which is an indirect satire to Saaho.

A lot of Prabhas fans are now trolling him that he is an opportunist who fail to show gratitude. Apparently, Prabhas promoted Venkat Prabhu's movie Mass aka Rakshasudu in Telugu during the release time. The fans are reminding him of the same and trolling him for hampering the image of Prabhas and Saaho in Tamilnadu.

Venkat Prabhu directed the films like Saroja, Rakshasudu, and a few others in Tamil.