Tammareddy Opens Up About 'Naatu Naatu' Winning Oscar!

Mon Mar 13 2023 18:06:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Producer and director Tammareddy Bharadwaj faced a lot of comments and criticism over his words on 'RRR'. Talking about the team spending 80 crores for Oscar campaign, he said, "They've spent nearly ₹80 Cr on the Oscar campaign. If that budget is given to you (aspiring filmmakers in the audience), you would have made 10 films and tossed them on their faces. But that's their money their wish. So you write a story and approach someone like a Dil Raju or Bol Raju to make it into a film."

Legendary director Raghavendra Rao took to Twitter and asked, "Do you have the accounts information to claim the promotional budget crossed 80 crore? Did Hollywood greats like James Cameroon and Steven Spielberg take money to praise the film?" Mega brother Nagababu went ahead and used foul language which created a huge controversy. Tammareddy gave a counter by replying with some strong words as well.

With the movie winning an Oscar now, Tammareddy Bharadwaj released a new video where he said, "Keeravani getting the Oscar feels like I won the Oscar. I am very happy. As a big person in the family, I said that it cost a lot of promotions. The situation where I said that is separate and my intention is not to criticise them. I am the happiest person if they get fame and name. This industry is my family and no one care about the small differences in this family. They know about me and we got an Oscar. Once again, congratulations to Rajamouli, Keeravani, Chandrabose and the entire 'RRR' team'."