Tammareddy's Response To Criticism By KRR & Nagababu!

Fri Mar 10 2023 19:11:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Producer and director Tammareddy Bharadwaj has been facing a lot of heat on social media ever since the video clip where he is seen taking a dig at Rajamouli's 'RRR' came out and went viral. In this clip, he said, "My vision is to write a story and then lock a budget. Of course, there are those like Rajamouli who planned a ₹200 crores project and saw success too. I'm not saying I'm wrong, but they have succeeded."

He further talked about 'RRR' team spending 80 crores for the Oscars campaign. His words were, "They've spent nearly ₹80 Cr on the Oscar campaign. If that budget is given to you (aspiring filmmakers in the audience), you would have made 10 films and tossed them on their faces. But that's their money their wish. So you write a story and approach someone like a Dil Raju or Bol Raju to make it into a film."

This did not go down well with many people as they started criticizing him and trolling him a lot. Legendary director Raghavendra Rao took to Twitter and asked, "Do you have the accounts information to claim the promotional budget crossed 80 crore? Did Hollywood greats like James Cameroon and Steven Spielberg take money to praise the film?" Mega brother Nagababu went ahead and used foul language which is not at all acceptable.

Responding to this the 75-year-old Tammareddy said, "I did not make a mistake. We discussed a lot during the three hours seminar. Just two days back, I said that RRR is a film that the entire country should be proud of. I said hats off to Rajamouli." He went onto say that one person used filthy language and claimed that his parents taught him how to behave and live honestly. He went onto say make some comments on Nagababu. He said that making a tweet by watching a single clip without knowing context doesn't make them a hero.

This video is a complete rant on Nagababu and Tamareddy seems to have gone all guns blazing towards the Mega brother. Let us wait and see how the response of Nagababu is going to be.