Tanish To File Defamation Suit Against Kaushal

Sat Mar 02 2019 22:40:33 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Tug of war between Kaushal and Tanish continues even after the end of Bigg Boss Season 2. Recently, Kaushal Army Members accused the Title Winner of harassing them inspite of spending their hard-earned money for his travels, accommodations and meetings. Following which, Kaushal held a press conference and made sensational allegations against some of the Bigg Boss Contestants. He accused Tanish of fulfilling his pledge of settling scores by ruining his film career with bad propaganda.

In response, Tanish told he hardly had time to think about Kaushal after the end of Bigg Boss Season 2. He offered a clean chit to himself clarifying never did he spoke a single word against the Title Winner after the show. This Flop Hero is now seriously considering filing a defamation suit against Kaushal for making baseless allegations.

Anchor Murthy challenged Kaushal to come for a open debate if he have the guts to prove his allegations. Kaushal is yet to respond on the retort of Tanish and the challenge thrown by Murthy.

Kaushal Army Founder disclosed that feature film with Bigg Boss 2 Winner was shelved due to his unreasonable demands. The whole controversy damaged the image of Kaushal very badly.