Team 'RRR' Makes Full Use Of Corona!

Sat Mar 28 2020 15:51:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajamouli is a marketing genius and he proved it to everyone once again with 'RRR'. Fans and movie lovers were very upset over the postponement and zero updates from the past year but he managed to wipe all it away with just two videos at the right time.

Usually, filmmakers opt for paid promotions whenever some video releases but Rajamouli & team decided to use the Corona lock down to their advantage. The first released the title logo along with a motion poster which got a huge response. People have no means of entertainment except social media went gaga over the recent 'Bheem For Ramaraju' video which was released on Ram Charan's birthday.

The video is receiving thunderous applause from every corner and fans are all hyped up about the film. Releasing two videos in such a quick succession and that too during the time when people are stuck in their homes is very carefully planned by Rajamouli. They managed to make their promotional content viral without taking out one single penny from their pockets. Hope the 'RRR' team comes up with some regular updates from now on and please the fans.