Teaser Talk: Prasanth & Teja Takes Us Into Their 'Hanu-Man' Universe!

Mon Nov 21 2022 13:34:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young hero Teja Sajja teamed up with creative director Prasasnth Varma once again after a success like 'Zombie Reddy'. They are making a superhero film titled 'Hanu-Man'. Teja Sajja is the protagonist in this movie too and he plays the role of 'Hanumanthu'. After a long wait, the teaser of this film is finally out and it looks fantastic. Prasanth created his own cinematic universe to make original Indian superhero movies and 'Hanu-Man' is the first of them.

He introduced the lead character through a glimpse long back and it created a lot of impact among the audience. Later he introduced other lead characters through posters. Now, the teaser increased the hype on this film massively and it is tough to believe that this film was made on a budget of around 35-40 crores. The teaser begins with showcasing a waterfall and a massive HANUMAN statue in a standing posture with a mace in his hand can be seen. In the background, we can hear the chanting of Ram to give a devotional ecstasy in the end.

The quote- The Ancients Shall Arise Again sets the tone and Teja Sajja makes an entry as an underdog who lies unconscious on the shore of the sea. The fearful face of Amritha Aiyer, followed by the solar eclipse indicates the advent of evil. Vinay Rai is the 'Man Of Doom' and he is petrifying. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar makes an entry as a bride who bashes baddies with a coconut palm.

Hanumanthu turns into a superhero and his transformation is just amazing to watch. There are a lot of hero elevation shots like the protagonist standing tall on the hill with a helicopter approaching him, and showing his superpowers by flying in the sky. The last shot of Hanuman praying lord Ram in the midst of ice is sure to give goosebumps. The two minutes of visual extravaganza is enough to raise a lot of positive buzz on this movie and Prasanth Varma has successfully taken us into the astonishing world of Anjanadri.

Teja Sajja pulls the superhero act quite convincingly and everything about him resonates perfection. Amritha Aiyer looks like an angel. Others played their parts efficiently. HANU-MAN is presently in the post-production stages and the makers will soon announce the release date. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, Getup Srinu, Satya, Raj Deepak Shetty and others play key roles in this prestigious project which is produced prestigiously on a grand scale by K Niranjan Reddy while Smt. Chaitanya presents it.

Shivendra stuns us with his amazing camerawork while the music director Gowrahari makes us fall into a trance with his incredible BGM. Production designer Srinagendhra Tangala created a fantastic fantasy world. The production values of Primeshow Entertainment are top-notch. The VFX work is of top-notch quality and has elevated the scenes to a new level. The teaser has set sky-high expectations and everyone is eager to witness this marvel unfold before our eyes on the big screens.

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