Teja Opens Up On NTR Biopic

Sun May 26 2019 16:04:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is already known that Teja was supposed to direct the biopic of NTR, starring Balakrishna. But he walked out of the project and later was replaced by Krish. When asked about his exit in a recent interview, Teja said that he thought he might not be able to handle such a big subject, so he left.

During one of the latest interviews post the release of his new film Sita, Teja was asked about the same question. This time, he said that he got more fame after leaving the project. He said, " Few people asked me why did I leave such a prestigious project."

"Few of them told me after watching the film that I have done a good thing by leaving it. Some opined that the output would've been different if I had directed it. Though I have left it thinking that I couldn't handle it properly, these opinions from people made me happier. That's how I got fame by not directing it," he added.