Telangana Film Chamber Thanks TRS & Theatres Reopen From 30th!

Wed Jul 21 2021 16:10:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is well known that Telangana Film Chamber has put their requests in front of the Telangana government regarding the ticket rates and parking fee collection in theatres. The situation for the exhibitors and distributors became tough due to the Coronavirus and they wanted to make these changes in order to recover the losses to some extent.

They officially met with the government heads and asked them to grant these requests. Looks like the government has taken them into the consideration as the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce released a press note to thank the TRS government.

The note says, "The members of Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce along with all the cinema exhibitors of Telangana Thank our Honourable CM Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao Garu Sri K T Rama Rao Garu, Sri Talasani Srinivas Yadav Garu. We also thank out Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar Garu and Aravind Kumar Garu for considering our request to collect parking fee in standalone cinema theatres of Telangana."

They added, "We had earlier requested that standalone cinemas are under the threat of closure due to many reasons and are thankful to The Government for coming to our rescue and thus saving the standalone cinemas sector, which in turn serves the large number of cinegoers." This letter was issued by President Shri K Murali Mohan Rao and secretary Shri Sunl Narang. With this the theatres in Telangana will be officially opened from 30th July.