Television Actors Teach A Big Less To The Industry!

Sun Jul 05 2020 10:52:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

A lot of directors and producers who strived hard for restart the shootings have gone completely silent now. They came to know the result of getting together in large groups during the time of this virus outbreak as a lot of television actors are getting affected by Corona.

Serials and shows were the first to begin shooting but it all came to halt once again now and artists are being tested positive one after the other. This is making everyone terrified as actors and producers who thought to restart their films are having second thoughts. Some filmmakers planned to resume their shootings in July but the heroes are clarifying to the producers that they will not be joining the shoots.

They are ready to share the losses or reduce the remunerations but they are in no way willing to risk their lives. With this, even small films and OTT content generators who planned to start working again have dropped all their plans.