Telugu Beauty Not Recognised By Celebs Even After A Hit

Fri Oct 30 2020 11:57:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandini Chowdary, the one Telugu girl who catapulted from short films to mainstream movies couldn't see gold in her career. Now the actress had her hopes fulfilled with the latest OTT release 'Colour Photo' directed by debutant Masala Sandeep.

The film has garnered good reviews and many film celebs have congratulated the team of Colour Photo for their good work but never mention about the work of Chandini Chowdary surprisingly.

The actress has vented her disappointment on Twitter saying that this is why feminists battle out for equal rights and recognition she said. Its high time people recognise all as a team!

Chandini Chowdary last appeared in Manu an art film that was a decent hit on Netflix rather than Theaters. She is widely recognized on social media but she is yet to get a big break in movies!