Telugu Film Chamber Decides to Walk with ATFPG!

Sun Jul 31 2022 15:13:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of confusion over the film shootings in the Tollywood film industry. While the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) said that the shootings should be stopped from the 1st of August so that the producers will get some time in addressing the pending issues, the other bodies said no to this.

Now there is no need for any suspense. Putting a full stop to the speculations, the Telugu Film Chamber decided to walk with the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) in stopping the film shootings as the body said it is ready to go for the halting of the shootings. Just a while ago, the Telugu Film Chamber announced the decision.

The Film Chamber members who have been saying that they are not ready to stop the shootings changed their minds. It has to be mentioned here that the Telugu Film Chamber called for a crucial general body meeting and various issues related to the industry and filmmaking were discussed.

As the long-pending issues are troubling the film industry, the Film Chamber might have felt that, more than the internal issues, addressing the issues is the need of the hour. The film industry needs support from all the members and this might have made the Chamber change its decision as far as the film shootings are concerned.

For the past few weeks, the industry has been facing the heat from the long-pending issues. A few producers have felt that the issues in the film industry should be addressed at the earliest or else it will turn problematic. For the same reason, the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) said that the shootings should be stopped and a press release saying the same was issued.

The production costs of films have increased rapidly and the hit percentage has also increased. The recent films failed at the box office and the industry is unable to deal with this. On top of this, the remunerations taken by the big stars also increased. Dil Raju also asked Ram Charan to speak to the other heroes. Though the shootings will be stopped, there is no clarity on when the shootings will be resumed.