Telugu Film Chamber Lays Out The Instructions For Artists & Technicians!

Thu Jun 17 2021 18:28:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

The second wave is gradually coming down and with the lockdown being lifted slowly by the governments, the film industry is gearing up to get back to work after a gap of 2 months. Prior to the start of shootings, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Movie Artiste's Association, Telugu Film Producer's Council and Telugu Film Director's Association have gathered and laid out some definitely instructions for the artists and technicians.

According to these guidelines, workers belonging to all 24 crafts should give first preference to the films that were halted during the month of April. They should complete those films first before moving onto the others.

Everyone should be vaccinated before joining the shoot and it must be mandatory. The filmmakers were advised to shoot the film with fewer crew members in less time. Along with it, various rules about life insurance for crew members, safety guidelines and others were given. The film shootings are expected to start at full speed after 20th June. The reopening date of theatres are yet to be announced.