Telugu Guy Tried Hit White House With Nazi Flag-Draped Truck!

Wed May 24 2023 11:34:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

 A person shocked the world with his attempt against American President. Shockingly, the person is a Telugu man. It is known that we get to hear some shocking things regarding Big Brother among the world nations, the United States.

The latest incident joins the list. One Kandula Sai Varshit made a failed attempt to attack the official residence of the United States President with a truck that has a Nazi flag. The 19-year-old who has his toots in Telugu land was arrested by the cops there.

When he tried to barge into the White House by hitting the traffic barrios that were set up for protection at the North side of the White House, the security personnel arrested him. During the interrogation, the suspect reportedly said that he planned to attack Joe Biden, the United States President. Several charges were slapped against him.

The charges of using deadly weapons, driving a vehicle recklessly, trying to target the President and damaging government assets were slapped against him. However, not even a single person sustained injuries and no property was damaged.

United States President Joe Biden announced this officially. The concerned authorities identified the suspect as Sai Varshith who graduated from Marquette Senior High School. He is from Chessfield in America. They are trying to gather more details from his social media accounts.