Telugu Satellite Market To Crash!?

Wed Sep 04 2019 13:41:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu Satellite rights market for films look bleak as Digital markets like Netflix, Amazon Prime have made it tough for satellite to survive.

Still, many households catch majority of movies on TV, but with advertising rates shooting up and the TV censors being hard on the content for family viewing, some films are losing their sheen.

RX100, Pokiri, Magadheera, Baahubali, Rangasthalam parts were cut for TV as the films showed some gore and adult elements.

On digital such restrictions have been relaxed and with increase in technology people can cast these digital prints on TV and watch too, with an active Wi-Fi connection.

Now, Zee Network announced that they won't be buying new Telugu films until the market improves. They have been facing losses as the big movies or small movies that they have bought ended up as flops.

The market seems to be heading for a crash as Star Maa and Sun Network that wons Gemini are asking for even digital rights too.

This seems to be a great worry for Telugu producers as they could calculate Satellite and Digital markets as their profit makers but the recession looming over economy, could crash satellite for few years, at least.