That's Gonna Be The Crucial Factor For Saaho!

Mon Jul 15 2019 13:43:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

What's gonna be the USP of 'Saaho'? It's the long chasing sequence shot in Dubai with unbelievable budget and by using swancy bikes/cars/trucks.

Glimpses of the Action Sequence shown in the First Look Teaser gave an hint of how it's going to be. Imagine the impact if something like that was seen on a big screen. Makers took utmost care in the Visual Effects required for the mind-blowing action sequence. They are doing everything they can to make it look spectacular.

Indians have always wondered how could Hollywood Actors & Technicians pull off such electrifying action blocks. This will be for the first time such an attempt was made by an Indian Actor and Filmmaker. Irrespective of 'Saaho' Box Office result, People gonna talk highly about this fantastic chase sequence.

Just one more month for the release of 'Saaho'. The next 30 days will be hectic for Prabhas & Co., with aggressive promotional campaign.