Movie Review : The American Dream

Mon Jan 17 2022 16:44:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

'The American Dream' Movie Review

Cast: Prince Cecil, Neha Krishna. Subhalekha Sudhakar, Raviteja Mukkavalli and others

Music: Abhinay TJ

Cinematography: Adam Chapman

Editor: Sasank Vupputuri

Producers: Dr. Pradeep Reddy

Writer - Director: Dr. Vighnesh Koushik


Telugu OTT platform 'Aha' is pleasing movie lovers with original content. As a continuation to the good content it is giving, they have arrived with 'The American Dream'. Starring Prince in the lead role, this film got a decent buzz thanks to its teaser. Made in the backdrop of the United States, the film connects with every youngster. Let us dive into the review!



America is a dream for many youngsters and Rahul (Prince) is one of them. He lands in the US with huge dreams in mind but he understands the reality immediately. He finds himself unemployed and ends up doing a dirty part-time job. While his life is not going the way he planned, he falls for a doctor and they soon become friends with benefits.

On top of everything, Rahul lands in huge trouble as he gets involved in an accident and kills a person. What happens next forms the crux of 'The American Dream'.



'The American Dream' can be categorized as two stories combined into one film. The film kicks off with Rahul landing in America and things not going as planned for him. Though this part is relatable, it gets a big repetitive and offers nothing new. But it is Prince who makes this part watchable.

The love track between the lead pair looks forced and doesn't jell well with the film's story. The father-son emotion has been explored well and it gives some weight to the otherwise thin plotline in the first half. Despite a few laughs here and there, the first half doesn't engage you much and even tests your patience at times. Apart from Prince who dominates the proceedings, things start to go down but the twist arrives before interval arrives and the movie shifts into thriller mode.

The second half looks different compared to the first half as the film turns more serious. The proceedings get interesting to an extent and the last 30-40 minutes were executed quite well. It is the strongest part of 'The American Dream' and the director's work during the ending portions impresses. Despite not being fast-paced, the second half doesn't bore you and the narration is decent too. They are a few ups and downs in the second half as well but it is definitely better than the initial half.

'The American Dream' gives you a feeling of having watched a huge film despite being under 120 minutes. Prince, relatable plot and the second half work in favor of the movie but the rest doesn't help the film much. It is definitely recommended to watch as it is on OTT and can occupy your time capably when you are completely free.



Prince is handsome and gets a big role. The actor does complete justice to the character and we can feel his emotions during the struggling stages. Considering his track record, he delivers a commendable job and shows his capabilities in the latter half. He stands tall above others.

Neha Krishna looks good but the loopholes in her performance are very much visible. The rest of the cast are quite okay and senior actor Subhaleksha Sudhakar delivers an impactful performance and the emotions he showcased are appreciable.


The budget of the film is quite limited but the technicians make it a good watch. Abhiraj Nair and Adam Chapman brings a decent feel to the movie with their camera work and lighting. The tone suits the movie and presents everyone well. Abhinay TJ is good with his music though you don't add them in your playlist. His background score is okay and a few scenes should have been elevated in a better way. Production values are decent and limitations are visible on screen at times. Editing needs to be a lot better as the first is quite slow and tests the patience at times.

Writer-director Dr Vignesh did an okay job. He combined two genres for one film and convinced the audience. He handled the serious parts quite well but he failed in the comedy, regular drama and romance aspects. There is scope for improvement but his work in 'The American Dream' needs to be encouraged.

Verdict: 'The American Dream' - Enjoyable In Parts

Rating: 2.25/5

Disclaimer : This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in OTT