King Nagarjuna's The Ghost Records Unexpected Day 1 Collections!

Thu Oct 06 2022 13:37:19 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Dasara is one of the biggest seasons for Tollwood. Two big heroes Megastar Chiranjeevi and King Nagarjuna locked horns at the box office with their respective films GodFather and The Ghost. The films hit the theatres the other day and this gave birth to an interesting debate on which film would turn successful.

Many said movie lovers might not show interest in GodFather as it is a remake film and this will help King Nagarjuna's The Ghost which is an action entertainer.

Unexpectedly, that did not happen. Nagarjuna who was expected to see good collections with his film fell short of the expectations. Despite the good buzz, The Ghost not having the proper content resulted in a slow start with not-so-good openings.

As per trade analysts, The Ghost took off with a slow start. Not just in Telugu states, but overseas too, the same is the case. This was not expected from a big hero like King Nagarjuna.

Looking at the area-wise collections, The Ghost collected 57 lakhs in Nizam, followed by Seded and North Andhra regions with 24 and 31 lakhs respectively. In the east, The Ghost collected 23 lakhs and West( 8 lakhs), Guntur(22 lakhs), Krishna(20 lakhs), and Nellore(15 lakhs).

Not just in the domestic market, The Ghost also did not see a not-so-encouraging trend overseas. Worldwide collections of the King Nagarjuna starrer stood at 2.45 crores and the action entertainer earned 4.60 crores gross. It is a big shock that the film collected so less collections on day one of the theatrical run.

Moreover, The Ghost was released during Dasara season. No other film in recent times recorded such low collections for Dasara. The Nagarjuna starrer received a negative talk from the first show and the negative talk continued with each show passing.

So far, The Ghost did a business of just 21 crores. Given the budget of the film, the Nagarjuna starrer should collect around 19 crores share to recover the money spent on the film. The weekend will play a key role in the collections and we have to wait and see what the firm can do with a negative talk.

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