The Ghost Movie Review

Wed Oct 05 2022 15:35:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

'The Ghost' Movie Review

Cast: Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anaik Surendran, Jayaprakash, Ravi Varma, Srikant Iyengar and others

Music: Mark K Robin – Bharat - Saurabh

Cinematography: Mukesh. G

Producer: Sunil Narang, Pushkar Rammohan Rao, Sharat Marrar

Additional Screenplay: Abburi Ravi - Abhijit

Writing - Direction: Praveen Sattaru

Akkineni Nagarjuna has been struggling for the past couple of years to secure a good hit. Most of his films have tanked at the box office. He teamed up with Praveen Sattaru who made a thrilling action film titled 'PSV Garudavega'. On the occasion of Dusshera, the film got released on Wednesday. Fans have pinned decent expectations and let us see how the movie turned out to be.


Vikram (Nagarjuna) is an Interpol officer. He targets the underworld mafia and made everyone fear him. But he resigns from the job due to a few reasons. His life partner and colleague Priya (Sonal Chauhan) too get separated from him. He does the freelance job for his officers in Interpol at times. One day, he receives a phone call from his sister Anu (Gul Panag) who keeps her distance from the family for a long time. She tells Vikram that her daughter Aditi is in danger and Vikram decides to protect his family. Despite all his efforts, Anu gets killed and Aditi is still in danger. Who is targeting Aditi? What does Vikram do to protect his niece? Will he become successful? All these questions will be answered on the big screen.


Long before the release of 'The Ghost', the team released a special promo revealing the unique sword which will be used by the hero in the film. They generated good buzz around it and people got a feeling that hero's character will be more powerful than the sword he handles. As soon as the movie begins, you get hints that the hero is quite strong and undeniably powerful. He is shown as merciless towards underworld criminals and even dons begged for their lives near him. People get curious to know what happened in the flashback. But all he does are two fights. Though are designed in a very stylish manner, there is no build up before that or an emotion during the fight. There are zero elevations as hero arrives and kills everyone. The director did not even care to show the power of villains and he completely forgot to tell the reason why hero behaves in such a ruthless fashion. How can one think that world class action design and slick background score is enough to elevate the proceedings? Not just one episode but this is the problem with the majority portions in 'The Ghost'. Despite the well-designed action scenes, there is no story and engaging screenplay in the movie which usually makes the audience own the characters.

'Garudavega' may not be a big commercial hit but making such an interesting film with an out-of-form hero like Rajasekhar showed Praveen Sattaru's capabilities. His tight screenplay worked wonders in that film. But he took a wrong step in terms of the story itself this time. Mixing a thriller with family emotions might have worked in 'Garudavega' but it misfired with 'The Ghost'. People are subjected to see completely different from what they expected from 'The Ghost'. Hero protecting his family becomes a main plot in this movie and other storylines become subplots. After a certain point the audience get confused about what the hero is doing. The flashback of hero's sister lacked depth and fails to create interest. It bores the audience a lot and the audience get completely disconnected with the plot by the end of the first half.

Hero elevations and fights gives you a feeling that the second half will be quite good but the protagonist's flashback is restricted to fights as mentioned before. We don't get to see the ferocious side of the hero at any point despite the underworld people uttering heavy elevation filled dialogues. Things take a bad turn when the flashback is over and the proceedings bore you to the core. While the climax part is dealt well, the damage has already been done as you watch the entire film with a disconnect. His stamp is nowhere to be seen and he does not live up to the expectations this time.


Nagarjuna is okay as Interpol officer. His grace can be seen in a few scenes but he failed to look ferocious as a merciless officer. A lot of energy was need him during the emotional scenes but he lacked it. But he should be commended for fitting the role perfectly even at this age. His fitness is truly remarkable.

Sonal Chauhan's role had a lot of limitations. She did not get a scope to perform. Gul Panag did a good job and Anikha Surendran attracts you with her energy. The villains are quite new and they did decently well.


Technically, 'The Ghost' is a well made film. Three music composers worked on this film and the background score is quite impressive. The regular scores are nowhere to be seen but the re-recording is quite to listen to while watching the scenes. Mukesh's camera work is commendable and the production values are top-notch as usual.

Praveen Sattaru failed both as a writer and director. The story doesn't excite the movie lovers at any point and gives you the feeling that it is happening in a fictional world. Praveen lost track with 'The Ghost'.

Verdict: 'The Ghost' – No Mercy On The Audience

Rating: 2/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theatre