The Untold Story of Pawan-Puri's Badri!

Sun Nov 15 2015 14:18:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath penned the story of 'Badri' after getting inspired by a line of Osho! He has done that in a full flow while sitting in his kitchen. Storyline of 'Badri' is as simple as 'An Ad Film Director's bet with his Lover'. He first approached Amala believing it would suit Nag the best but it didn't work out.

Later, A Novel Writer offered Rs 10,000 for 'Badri' story asking Puri to be the Ghost Writer. After finishing half of the work, Puri lost interest in it and kept it on hold. That was the time when Puri was working in Ram Gopal Varma's camp. RGV offered Direction chance to Ramana (one of his Assistants) and Puri offered to give his story. But, 'Badri' story didn't excite Ramana at all!

Then, Puri made up his mind that Pawan Kalyan will accept his story for sure. The big hurdle ahead is that how he could meet Pawan who can't be accessible easily. After several trails, Puri managed to meet Chota K Naidu through his brother Shyam K Naidu. Then, Chota asked Puri to narrate the story to him first and he would then recommend to Pawan if its a promising subject. Then, Puri narrated the story of 'Itlu Sravani Subramanyam' instead of 'Badri' and Chota was thoroughly impressed.

Puri obtained Pawan Kalyan's appointment on August 24th, 1999. Soon after seeing Puri, Kalyan said - 'Aragante Mee Time'. Puri told 'Badri' story will be liked only if it was narrated in an elaborate manner and half-an-hour willn't be sufficient. Then, Pawan replied: 'Ayithe Vaddu'. In response, Puri said - 'Sir..Aragante Katha Vinandi. Aa Tharavatha Neeku Vinalanipisthe Continue Chestha..Lekapothe Naa Darina Nene Vellipotha'. Pawan then gave a green signal.

Puri's narration ended at 8 am. Pawan has given shakehand to Puri appreciating the subject and at the same time he enquired that Chota K Naidu has told about a suicide story. Puri then explained he told 'Itlu Sravani Subramanyam' story to Chota only to gain his access and 'Badri' was the film he chose for him. Pawan told to Puri that he is doing the film but asked him to change the Climax. After 7 days, Puri came back and narrated the same Climax. Pawan asked why he didn't change it and Puri explained he find the Climax apt for the subject. Then Pawan revealed he only asked him to change the Climax to test his confidence on the subject and he would have shelved the project had if he altered it.