Pic Talk: The beautiful shapes of Malavika

Tue Oct 12 2021 18:32:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Malavika Mohanan has mastered the act of glamour show. She has made it a habit to put on sizzling skin shows and leaving her followers enthralled.

Not so long ago, Malavika took the internet by storm as she shared a set of snaps of her in revealing attire. Malavika's sensational show in the traditional outfit struck a chord with netizens and these photos went viral. She titled the photo series 'Urvashi".

Now, Malavika has shared a new set of snaps and she looks equally stunning this time around as well.

We get a clear view of Malavika's beautiful figure in these snaps as she looks all things visually stunning in the same.