The most interesting thing about Beast and Valimai?

Sun May 08 2022 21:31:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamil cinema has been on a downward spiral all the while. But their media has been proactive when it comes to hyping up the box office numbers.

For instance, Tamil films like Beast and Valimai garnered a unanimously negative response from the audience right from the day of the release. These films received poor reviews and the word of mouth was poor as well.

However, Tamil media keeps saying that these films made over Rs 200 crores gross. We don't understand the logic behind the same.

The films get disaster reviews, the audience word of mouth is weak and there isn't much scope at the box office either. But at the end, we see statements from the makers, saying these films have grossed over Rs 200 crores.

The logic behind the same is not understandable. Maybe, Tamil media is frustrated with Telugu films doing so very well at the box office and they are trying to uplift Tamil cinema by saying that their films are also doing well and there are no big box office flops.