This Actress Turns Over Costly Due To Her Staff!

Tue Dec 24 2019 11:31:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Normally, actresses tend to have a zillion amount of people around them. Some for make-up, costumes, assistance and some as body guards.

With few facing the wrath of going lonely into a crowd, many encourage them to travel with caution. Producers have to bare brunt on sets but they accept to it, looking at the business they can bring.

Kangana Ranaut though has taken this a step ahead. She has eight members in her staff along with private security staff.

She moves out only with them around her and those ever invites her or produces a film with her, have to accept to pay for the charges of all of them.

It is part of her remuneration and non-negotiable. Just like what SS Rajamouli listed out to bring Sridevi on board for Baahubali, this seems way more complicated and costly for producers.

But the actress supports her decision to maintain such staff and ask producers to pay for it by reasoning that she brings more profits and business to the production than what she demands.