This Is How Meher Got The Chance To Do A Megastar Film

Fri Sep 25 2020 11:53:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Tollywood is on a remake spree. Megastar is adamant on remaking the Malayalam blockbuster 'Lucifer'. On the other side Megastar is all set to remake yet another film and this time it is a Tamil hit film of Ajith Kumar-Vedalam.

Now the big question doing rounds in Tollywood is how did flop director Meher Ramesh got to remake these film The answer is obvious, he belongs to mega family as a relative but that itself is not the reason but it is the journey Meher has cherished during charity works of CCC and this itself is resurrecting the career of Meher Ramesh who was once a care of address for big films. He last directed Shadow with Venkatesh.

It is a usual thing in Movie Industry that only hit directors have demand and others have to listen to hero's choice of film. Directors also succumb to hero's choice as they do not wish to tarnish their relationship with heroes.

Moreover, these directors hope that if they work better on remakes they would be offered films further in their production houses or with them.It is said that these directors say that audiences are not interested in remakes as they already watch on OTT platforms and expect a bigger changes and content in the remake too!