This Is How Much Industry Lost In The Past 4 Months!

Wed Aug 05 2020 12:03:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

The outbreak of Coronavirus took a toll on the film industry. The theatres were shut down completely from the last four months and the shootings too came to a halt. If the situation remains the same, we cannot expect any new releases on the big screen till the end of this year.

The Telugu film industry has lost a lot of revenue and hundreds of people are left with no work. The trade analysts are predicting that Tollywood is facing a loss of around 600 crores directly due to the lockdown from the last four months. Indirectly, the amount will be mounting to 1000 crores as per reports. Every month, the box-office used to witness at least 6-10 notable film releases and tens of small films would have been released too. There are around 1200 single screen theatres across both the Telugu states and combined with all the multiplexes, the number will be increased and all these theatres are facing a lot of difficulties from the past couple of months.

The situation is getting critical with each passing week and people whose lives are dependent on this industry are not knowing what to do and their livelihood is being turned upside down due to this unexpected break which no one knows when it comes to an end.