This Is The Real Reason For Casting Couch

Sat Mar 28 2020 20:34:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The issues like #metoo have given enough focus on the adverse effects of casting couch. It also gave essence to the efforts of a girl or actress goes through when shooting a film. Recently an actress who appeared in many of the web series stated her opinion on casting couch hiding her identity.

According to this actress, the real reason behind casting couch is 'Web Series' or 'OTT Movies'. She said that all the Web Series of late are banking on the 'Adult Content'. Production companies thus approach actresses if they can do a promo shoot by going bold. This is the time actresses are bound to compromise and thus go in mental trauma to earn their bread.

In India, many of the OTT production companies just make' Adult stuff' to mint money from youth audience who are majorly interested in this kind of content. It is just following the western ideology and showing the content of just skin show. While it is common for western audience, it is bit disgusting for actresses and Indian audience. Netizens and movie lovers say that the actress opinion is quite right about Casting Couch in these days.