This Is Vaisshnav's Remuneration For 'Uppena'!

Thu Feb 25 2021 12:21:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young Mega hero Vaisshnav Tej made a smashing debut in Tollywood with 'Uppena'. He chose a daring subject and went ahead with it. The audience rewarded him with a blockbuster and 'Uppena' ended up being the biggest hit for a debut hero ever in Telugu film industry.

Do you know how much he got as remuneration for 'Uppena'? Despite the 'Mega' tag, Vaisshav was given 50 lakhs for this debut which is not too high at all. He also gave his nod to working with BVSN Prasad prior to the release of 'Uppena' and insiders say that he is going to get less for that film too.

But the actor hiked his remuneration from his third film and is quoting big rates to the produces as per reports. Since 'Uppena' is a hit, they are ready to offer him good amounts and we need to wait and see which project he accepts now. He is currently waiting for the release of his second film under the direction of Krish.