This Senior Hero Says That He Isn't Such A Bad Guy!

Sun Feb 03 2019 19:37:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

When we talk about several senior heroes in Telugu Cinema Industry, some do tend to say that the person, we are talking about is a bad guy and not at all good.

Such rumours and gossips are always common on Dr. Rajasekhar. Many say that he doesn't come to the sets on-time and even has a bad alcohol addiction.

Even about his new film, Kalki such rumours have come out. At the teaser release event, Rajasekhar said, "I am not such a bad guy that people makes me to look like. Please don't believe in those lies.

I have given what all I can to make this film, Kalki as Prashanth imagined. We had to wait months for his dates, but he made a thrilling film.

I learnt a lot from him and when C. Kalyan came to produce a film with me, I felt, I got a promotion. I have to thank Jeevitha for facing all the background torture to keep all of us in the loop and take this project in right direction!

I am so happy that on my birthday, 4th February, teaser is releasing."

Director Prashanth Verma, Awe fame, also said the same. He said, "I have no complaints about Dr. Rajasekhar garu and his family except for one. They used to serve me food even at 2-3 am in the night that too very tasty! I had to work hard to keep myself fit!"