This actress says no to her biopic!

Tue Jul 20 2021 20:07:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The trend of bringing biopics has started in India again. Besides Bollywood, other industries like Kollywood are also focusing on biopics. Biopics on politicians and sports stars are no less than hotcakes now.

In the middle of the biopic trend, actress Priyanka Chopra, who has made it to the global market starting off from Bollywood is in no mood for a biopic.

The actress gave an interview to a leading outlet recently where she was asked about a biopic. Saying that she likes biopics, Priyanka Chopra said a big no on her biopic. She said, she has to achieve a lot more in order and appealed to the makers to not have a thought on her biopic

When she was among the top league stars in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra aka PC ventured into Hollywood and established herself as one of the global stars.

She is currently working for Amazon Prime's Citadel and Matrix 4. Priyanka Chopra also has Ma Anand Sheela's biopic in her hand. Ma Anand Sheela is an Indian-born Swiss who earlier served as the spokeswoman of Osho movement.Her original name was Sheela Ambalal Patel.

Ma Anand Sheela marks the second biopic Priyanka Chopra will be a part of. Earlier, she acted in the biopic of Mary Kom, Indian amateur boxer and Rajya Sabha member.