Throwback Thursday Pic From Sai Dharam Tej With Ram Charan!

Thu Feb 27 2020 13:32:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sai Tej or Sai Dharam Tej is happy that 2019 ended his slump as a hero with Chitralahari and Prathi Roju Pandage. The actor is shooting for his next release, Solo Brathuke So Betteru and has two more films in pipeline.

Surekha, wife of Chiranjeevi, recently shared that Chiru likes to have kids around him and she wants to have close relationship with all her relatives.

These are not just her words, they reflect in the way Mega Family behaves as a close knit unit and they stay one as well.

Sai Tej shared his childhood pic with Chiranjeevi's kids on 27th February as a part of Throwback Thursday tradition on social media.

In the pic, he is with Ram Charan (in the middle), Sushma and Srija (who is crawling). We don't know who took the pic but the kids look cute, don't they?