AP: Tickets at Multiplexes costly, least in single-screen ones!

Thu Dec 02 2021 13:21:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

No matter how strongly the Tollywood film industry is trying to make the government change its decision, the Andhra Pradesh government is adamant on its decisions to sell the tickets going by the ticket rates it had fixed. The rates vary based on the place like the urban and rural areas. Based on the city or the town the theatres are located, the ticket prices change.

The Government order issued by the Andhra Pradesh government on the regulation of the ticket prices says the ticket rates will be between Rs 5 to Rs 250 on the grounds of the type of the theatres, like Air Conditioned or Non-AC ones.

The theatres in the villages will have tickets for less prices starting from Rs 5. The other two ticket prices will be Rs 10 and Rs 15 respectively if they are not Air-conditioned. On the other hand, the theatres that come with AC facilities will have tickets as Rs 10, Rs 15 and Rs 20 respectively.

However, the ticket prices in the multiplex theatres in the village are going to be a bit costly with a price range of Rs 30- Rs 80. The multiplexes in the municipalities will not see any big change in the prices for the fact that the price range starts from Rs 60 and the highest ticket will charge Rs 150. The single-screen theatres in the state both AC and Non-AC will see the clash on the ticket prices as the fares were reduced.

The film industry went through massive losses for more than one and a half years due to the deadly Coronavirus. The shootings were stopped and there were no releases in the theaters causing two-sided damage to the industry and people dependent on the industry. The industry got hope after the first wave of the virus as the films released for Pongal attracted good footfall at the theatres.

Making things worse for the industry, the second wave of Covid virus emerged and the difficulties continued. As a result, several big-ticket films have been postponed. Adding salt into the wounds, the Andhra Pradesh government had reduced the ticket prices.