Time Loop Thriller 'Kudi Yedamaithe' Gets A Lot Of Praises!

Mon Jul 19 2021 18:47:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rich content has always been encouraged by the Telugu audience whether it is on the big screen or on OTT platforms. It is not the stars but creative idea and perfect execution that impresses the viewers and it has been proved once again with recent web series titled 'Kudi Yedamaithe'.

Featuring talented actress Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay in the lead, this series was made by Pawan Kumar who made like 'U Turn' earlier. 'Kudi Yedamaithe' came out on 'Aha' and it managed to hold the interest of the audience thanks to its thrills and twists.

Based on the concept of time loop, the two lead roles get stuck in the same day as it happens again and again. What they do about it forms the crux of the story. Though the concept is fresh, making a series based on it is a tough task. The audience shouldn't get confused but the turns have to surprise them. It is like walking on the rope but the team of 'Kudi Yedamaithe' did a perfect job in doing that.

The work of the makers and technical team was ably backed by the strong performances from Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay. The time loop drama has been getting a good number of views and is going strong. The makers have hinted at a possible second season and it is to be seen if the team goes ahead with the idea due to the amazing response for 'Kudi Yedamaithe' or not.

For now, the team is enjoying the success and they deserve it! Have you watched it?