Shoots Cancelled, Releases Deferred: Tollywood Faces Worst Crisis Due To Covid Surge

Sun Apr 18 2021 19:34:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The worst hit during the current spate of Corona cases seems to be our dear Tollywood. With one after another technician and star testing Covid positive, the shoots are getting postponed. The little odd shooting that is taking place is following Covid SOPs to the last T and is adhering to every guideline given.

Already, the occupancy in Bollywood theatres limited to 50 per cent, there is every possibility that the same regulation might be extended to Telangana and AP, where new cases are being reported in thousands on a daily basis. Several shootings have been postponed in Telangana. Several producers are rescheduling their shoots depending on the availability of dates of the stars.

Already several stars including Power Star Pawan Kalyan have isolated themselves after they tested positive. Several technicians too have quarantined themselves after their colleagues were found to be Corona positive. This has brought the film production activity to a grinding halt.

The film community is also worried that the audience would not like to come to the theatres if the same speed of virus spread continues. This may mean that the attendance in the theatres would be sparse. The theatrical business is likely to be severely affected. Worried producers are postponing the release of their films as a precautionary measure.