Tollywood Producers Missing Key Issue In Theatre Prices Row?

Mon Aug 01 2022 17:51:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Tollywood film industry came to a standstill with the producers' bodies calling for a halt of the shots. The producers council supported the halt call given by the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) paving the way for stopping all the shootings. On the behalf of the Producers Council, Dail Raju said, they are also ready to halt the shoot.

The demand of halting the shots was made as the pending issues are troubling the industry. The increase in production costs hike in heroes' remuneration and the OTT release are the key issues that are causing trouble to the industry. Until the issues are settled, the producers want the halt the shoots.

While everyone talks about the increase in the costs of movie tickets and a few makers blame the high prices of the movie tickets, no one talks about the key aspect which is troubling the industry without making noise.

More than the movie tickets, the unbearable costs of food items in the theatres are also very crucial. It takes more than one thousand for a small family to have snacks inside the theatre given the soaring prices.

Not just snacks, even a water bottle is costly in theatre and a few theatres sell water bottles for thrice the original price. One can understand how costly the other food items would be in theatres. If the prices are not reduced, not just the families even the normal audiences will not come to theatres.