Tollywood gives the nod to AP govt's online ticketing portal

Mon Sep 20 2021 21:52:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Tollywood delegation, predominantly consisting of film producers, exhibitors, and distributors met with Perni Nani, a representative of the Andhra Pradesh government and also the transport and I&PR minister of the state.

Several important topics like permission for flexible ticket pricing, permitting 4 shows and 100% seating capacity at cinema halls, and the much talked about online ticketing portal came to the discussion in the meeting.

Following the meeting, noted producer, C Kalyan, who represented Tollywood in the meeting stated that Tollywood is welcoming the Andhra Pradesh government's online ticketing system.

"Tollywood is happy with AP government's assurances. We are the ones who recommended online ticketing portal," C Kalyan said.

The state government did not make any promises regarding the ticket prices issue but assured that it would be addressing the same in the near future.